Hello Internet (World)!

Posted on June 4, 2013

Welcome to my personal blog! I plan for this blog to not be focused on one single topic or theme, but instead to be a blog exploring my various interests, projects and adventures – basically anything that I enjoy doing in my spare time will most likely end up here! As a senior software engineering student at Franklin and Marshall College, most of the projects that I take on are related to writing code in some form or fashion. I plan to post little snippets of code that I have developed and that others may find useful, as well as personal projects that I have worked on in my spare time. I often obsess over details, organization, and preparedness, not only in my work – but also in my day to day life. Because of this, I may from time to time post ideas, tips, or a story or two based on how you can harness technology to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

When I am not working on a coding project of my own, I often spend time working on my car, woodworking, reading, camping, and sailing. Check out my main portfolio, browse around the blog, and enjoy!