SimpleVocab – My First Site

Posted on July 5, 2013

I found out a few months ago that the first site I ever built was encountering an error somewhere in the database. Not very conveniently, I was told about this error while interviewing with Amazon for a software engineering internship. Not the best way to start off an interview!

It took me forever to get around to fixing the site. But that’s often how it goes with old coding projects. This website was literally the first project I ever took on, and finished. There’s no comments, and some ludicrously stupid logic, but hey it works!

The backend is desperately in need of an update, but I’m a bit nostalgic about changing it. This website is what taught me how to code. Back in high school I thought the concept of the site was a great idea, and spent a few months learning PHP, HTML, Javascript, and just enough MYSQL to make the site a reality. Looking at the code again is a cool reminder about just how far I’ve come. The fact that I could probably rewrite the search algorithm in about 1/4 of the space makes me feel good about how I’ve progressed in the field of computer science. And besides, I’m having more fun with cooler projects now…

It underwent one major redesign on the front end, but I’ve pretty much left it how it how it was back in high school. Maybe if I feel like writing some PHP one day when I’m bored I’ll revisit this project. We’ll see.

But anyway, the error wasn’t actually my fault and was simply caused by a phpMyAdmin migration on the server which reset my database password. It has been fixed and the site is back up and fully functional again.

For anyone who’s curious, you can check it out here: SimpleVocab